Skin Transformations

Before & After #1

This client came in with a combination of inflamed and non-inflamed acne and the resulting hyperpigmentation (dark marks) We needed to treat the acne first, then the hyperpigmentation. We started him on a very simple regimen to gently exfoliate and hydrate his skin to calm the inflammation and treat the acne. We later added skincare to help even out his skin tone. Treatment Plan: Acne facials using mild enzymes and high frequency, HydraFacial to decongest pores, Advanced chemical treatments to exfoliate and even out skin tone. Appointment frequency: Every 4 weeks 

Before & After #2

Initially this client came in with concerns of cystic acne and the resulting hyperpigmentation or (dark marks). After switching to pharmaceutical quality skincare and making lifestyle and diet changes, her acne was able to clear. Treatment Plan: The Pigment Correction Program. Facials utilizing enzyme therapy targeting hyperpigmentation and texture. Advancing to medium depth chemical peels that target hyperpigmentation. HydraFacial quarterly to keep her pores clear of debris. Appointment frequency: Every 4 weeks.

Before & After #3

This client came in with an extreme for of eczema that left her skin very easily irritated and hyperpigmented (patches of dark skin). She also had acne randomly, congested pores and redness from irritation. We slowly changed her home care to mostly Circadia products that soothed and healed her skin. We were able to add very gentle exfoliation along with brightening serums to start evening out her skin tone. Treatment Plan: The Pink Hollywood Oxygen Glow Facials. This facial is very soothing and healing, restoring the skins barrier, but also active enough to decongest her pores, calm her acne and begin working on her hyperpigmentation. HydraFacial every 2-3 months to deep clean her pores. Appointment frequency: Every 4 weeks.

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